Testing Agents through the PPTC

The NCI PPTC collaborates with pharmaceutical and academic research teams to systematically evaluate novel agents for which there is a rationale for potential activity against one or more childhood cancers. Agents tested by the Consortium are generally ones that have already entered clinical evaluation or for which a decision for clinical development has been made.

The collaborating partner must supply sufficient quantity of agent for testing as well as relevant information about the agent so that testing can occur in a timely and efficient manner. There are no costs to the collaborating partner for the testing. Collaborating partners must be willing to negotiate a Material Transfer Agreement (MTAs) with NCI for the proposed testing based on the model MTA that has been developed by NCI for the PPTC and that all PPTC Research Programs have accepted.

Applications to have agents tested by the NCI PPTC can be made using the "Agent Proposal Form" below. Applications are reviewed by the NCI PPTC Steering Committee, which meets at least monthly to consider agents for testing.

The application should be completed and submitted to the PPTC Coordinating Center. Consultation prior to submission of an application is encouraged. Questions about the application process can be directed to Malcolm A. Smith, MD PhD or Beverly Teicher, PhD.

Disease-specific consultation and feedback prior to application can be obtained from the relevant PPTC Principal Investigator: