About PPTC

  • The NCI PPTC addresses key challenges with the development of new therapies for children with cancer.
  • The consortium develops reliable preclinical testing data for pediatric drug candidates.
  • These data can be used to inform new agent prioritization decisions.
  • Effective prioritization is critical because of the large universe of drugs under development, a number so large that no more than a small percentage can be studied in pediatric clinical trials.

The PPTC consists of a Coordinating Center as well as five Research Programs that perform in vivo testing of pediatric anticancer drug candidates:

Role Institution PI
Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International Greg Gatto, PhD
Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute Peter Houghton, PhD
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia John Maris, MD
Children's Hospital at Montefiore Richard Gorlick, MD
Children's Cancer Institute Richard Lock, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine Xiao-Nan Li, MD, PhD

The scientific direction of the PPTC is determined by its Steering Committee, which is composed of the PIs of the Research Programs and Coordinating Center and of the NCI Program Director (Dr. Malcolm Smith) and NCI Steering Committee Representative (Dr. Beverly Teicher).

The PPTC collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and with academic drug developers to systematically test candidate agents against well-credentialed panels of genomically characterized childhood cancer models.

Through systematic testing to identify those investigational agents most likely to have clinical activity against childhood cancers, the PPTC seeks to accelerate the development of more effective treatments for children with cancer.